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West Africa Institute for Liver and Digestive Diseases
West Africa Institute of Liver and Digestive Diseases

Committed To Better Healthcare In Africa

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The West Africa Institute for Liver and Digestive Diseases Foundation (WAILD) is registered in the US as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation. Team members have clinical and research expertise in liver and digestive diseases, including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, peptic ulcer disease, infectious diarrhea and cancers of the liver, stomach, pancreas and colon. The team’s expertise also includes laboratory medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, public health, research, business administration and process engineering. We collaborate with the healthcare community, the private sector and governmental institutions to improve health outcomes.

Our Mission

To prevent and cure liver and digestive diseases in African communities through research, patient education, and training of medical professionals.

Our Vision

To advance towards an Africa that is free of the burdens of illness and death from liver and digestive diseases.

We are a part of various events for better health in Africa

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Journey towards improved healthcare

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